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Through our business partnership with Hawaii’s Real Select International (Representative Frank Clark), we consider keeping Hawaii’s commercial real estate business on track our first priority. At Real Select International, we build a website that directly connects with Asian investors and businessmen interested in Hawaii’s commercial real estate, allowing us to be the first to release service for Japanese investors and businessmen. We provide courteous communication support at the time of purchasing real estate from the aforementioned website and have been putting efforts in this diffusion.

Furthermore, besides real estate in Hawaii, there are endless other overseas real estate options such as the United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia, etc. In the future, we will expand the area we handle as it is our top mission to provide customers with optimal consultations and solutions.

Another outbound business that we want to conduct is proposing town development utilizing high-definition graphics and advanced VR technology to countries that are actively promoting areas with significant economic development. We believe in the importance of carrying out business with great ambition: Leading the world with the technology of Japan - a major manufacturing country.

We have been using our ideas, technologies, mobility as well as high aspirations to shift and develop Japan’s domestic market-oriented real estate industry to a global one.




Real Estate Japan (REJ) was founded in April 2001 in Nagoya. Based on our 18 years of experience, with the intention of prompt response to the market and customer satisfaction improvement by strengthening the structure with functional sections, we started anew from 2018 in Tokyo and developed real estate investment business, overseas business, commercial rental property business, and hotel business.

In real estate investment business, with a focus on Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama, we have been dealing with a large number of income properties such as the building in Ebisu - Shibuya, Tsukishima - Chuo, or in Yoyogi - Shibuya, etc.

Moreover, at the current moment when IOT (Internet Of Things) holds the key to business success, we also pay attention to making good use of the latest technologies. With the concept of “The era of buying houses on smartphones”, by utilizing high-definition graphics and advanced VR (Virtual Reality) technology, we have created a business that enables people to have various experiences with just a single smartphone varied from house building to house purchasing.

In preparation for Japan’s shrinking population in the future, the government is actively adopting policies such as easing visa requirements and attracting foreign investment so there is no doubt that the number of foreign visitors coming to Japan will further increase. Regarding foreign tourists, together with the rising number of repeaters, we can also see a transition in the purpose of visiting Japan from sightseeing and shopping in big cities to experiencing Japanese culture. In fact, instead of big cities, areas that foreigners are not familiar with start to draw foreigners’ attention. To properly catch this latest demand trend, at present we decide to further expand to Okinawa, focus on the real estate development and investment there including branch office establishment, consider Okinawa from diversified point of views such as “Okinawa as observed by people living in Okinawa”, “Okinawa under the eye of tourists”, “Okinawa as seen from business perspective”, and contribute to the further development of the Japanese economy.

Properties for business


Our highly experienced staffs will present to customers a wide range of
commercial offices, rental stores, commercial lands, etc.

Hotel & resorts Hotel & resorts


In 2018 a new resort was built in Kyoto. With the concept of “Live in that region”,
Hotel Ethnography enables customers to feel the excitement of being in a nostalgic space
where tradition is cherished while new culture is brought in.

Kyoto Hotel Ethnography
  • Kyoto Hotel Ethnography Furumonzen
  • Kyoto Hotel Ethnography Furumonzen
Kyoto Hotel Ethnography Furumonzen
  • Kyoto Hotel Ethnography
  • Kyoto Hotel Ethnography
  • Kyoto Hotel Ethnography
  • Kyoto Hotel Ethnography


We are offering VR and CG development service for interiors and exteriors of mansions, lots for sales,
separate residential buildings, etc. We are also introducing various latest technologies such as
360-degree panoramic view and multi-device support that allows viewing on mobile devices.

Planbaimmeieki VR video
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Townbaimnagakute VR video
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Lounge R Lounge R

Lounge R

This is a new relaxing space specializing in providing information and advice on asset formation.
Our specialist staffs will respond with the most suitable asset management methods for each customer’s lifestyle varied from first-time asset management support to investment techniques, preparation for an abundant second life, consultation about taxes on important assets, etc.
Please do not hesitate to consult with us!

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Company Name REJ Investment Co., Ltd.
Company Address 〒107-0052
Dennis Akasaka Building No. 503

2-20-5, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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TEL +81-3-5545-4227
FAX +81-3-5643-2228
Representative Tomokazu Watano
License Tokyo Governor’s License (1)
No. 102903
Date of Establishment April 10th 2001
Membership (Public organization) All Japan Real Estate Association
(Public organization) All Japan Real Estate Association
(Public organization) Real Estate Guarantee Association


REJ Investment Co.,Ltd.


Dennis Akasaka Building No. 503,
2-20-5, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

TEL: +81-3-5545-4227


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